This is me: An introduction…

Well, I like to write, sometimes a lot, and it will often come out in the form of a poem/song.

I do sometimes get wound up about things, particularly the state of the world, and things that make me sad or worried often come out in my writing. At the same time, lots of things make me smile.

I have been in teaching since the early 70’s and have seen the best and the worst (mainly the idiotic policies and work load imposed by the government and various education ministers!).

I have been lucky enough to end up in a position that I could only dream of in early years and though I am now officially retired I regularly cover in the establishment I retired from which means I keep in regular touch with the adults and young people I most enjoyed working with.

Hobbies: big part of my life is, and always has been, music. Always was a big fan, have always longed to be able to play and finally in my 50’s had my first guitar lessons, courtesy of my wife. Not a great guitarist but use what I learnt to play bass in a little band put together initially with a couple of friends from guitar course.

This moved on to myself on bass, our dear friend Steve (busker boy) on lead guitar and keyboards and my wife Janet on vocals. Steve (busker boy) was the musical one; Janet and I would provide lyrics, I would have an idea of what I wanted it to sound like, Janet would hum a tune and Steve would put it to music.

Unfortunately Steve suddenly and unexpectedly passed away in January this year. We miss him terribly, never realised how much we loved him and just what he meant to us… but the band will go on we have decided…and we will complete the song we were working on together when he passed away.

I intend to use some of the writing I did for the band on here and will link some that have already been recorded.

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