Live without it

You know…when you’re out and about, in a pub or restaurant, passing groups of people (especially young ones), and they’ve all got their noses stuck in their phones…and you wonder…Why? I was visiting a school once, quite a while ago now looking at the date I wrote this, and waiting in the entrance foyer forContinue reading “Live without it”

At the end of the day

I wrote this after reading, once again, Stephen King’s novella “Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption” and, having seen the film a number of times, might even have “borrowed” some words from Andy or Ellis Hope I know is a dangerous thing  Can break your heart and steal your soul Hope I know binds us allContinue reading “At the end of the day”

Enzo, the Shark afraid of the dark!

Some years ago (can’t believe it was so long actually) we went on holiday on the south coast and visited an aquarium while we were there; I promise you this is a true story There‚Äôs a Shark lives in an aquarium in a tank near Plymouth Sound he looks mean and fierce and hungry butContinue reading “Enzo, the Shark afraid of the dark!”

Gonna build a wall

This was written a few years ago as you’ll see from the date but still fits today All you do is give us news that’s fake ‘Cos that’s so much easier to make Misinformation on everything The lies you peddle have a familiar ring Here you go talking alternative facts To try to paper overContinue reading “Gonna build a wall”