The Snail

      Some years ago I came home one day and spotted a snail at the bottom of the garage door, at the start of what turned out to be quite a long climb upwards, a number of weeks in fact. I was reminded of the spider (Robert the Bruce and all that) and wondered howContinue reading “The Snail”


Life is like being on a snooker table Now and then you will get knocked into a hole But you get out and up again And carry on ’til the game’s finished

Live without it

You know…when you’re out and about, in a pub or restaurant, passing groups of people (especially young ones), and they’ve all got their noses stuck in their phones…and you wonder…Why? I was visiting a school once, quite a while ago now looking at the date I wrote this, and waiting in the entrance foyer forContinue reading “Live without it”

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