Live without it

You know…when you’re out and about, in a pub or restaurant, passing groups of people (especially young ones), and they’ve all got their noses stuck in their phones…and you wonder…Why? I was visiting a school once, quite a while ago now looking at the date I wrote this, and waiting in the entrance foyer for whoever I was to see. Youngsters were milling about first thing in the morning when this young lass came in absolutely devastated when she realised she’d left her phone at home…..

Ohhh I left my phone at home

I think I’m gonna cry

I can’t face a day without it

How am I gonna get by

How will I manage to live

Without that signal coming through

To tell me I’ve got a message

And I’m connected to you     

I need to feel I’m plugged in

With my earpiece in my ear

Then I can operate hands free

With all the latest gear

I get my music online

I take pictures too

Here’s me sticking out my tongue

I’m gonna send a picture to you

I got a really cool ringtone

It hollers out my name

It did go off in the theatre once

Which was a bit of a shame

I like to change my cover

The colour suits my mood

It tells all those around me

If I’m feeling bad or good

They keep sending me offers

Buy more airtime, weekend free

I send a text to each of my friends

So they keep in touch with me

I send a text to Harry

He lives across the street

Spend all night sending messages

No wonder I get no sleep

My brother sends me a message

He says I keep him awake

He only lives in the next room

“Go to sleep for heaven’s sake”

Can I live without my phone

I’m gonna have to try

I was using it on the loo tonight

Don’t think it’s ever gonna dry!

                   ©O’Hagan 23rdFeb’09

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