Enzo, the Shark afraid of the dark!

Some years ago (can’t believe it was so long actually) we went on holiday on the south coast and visited an aquarium while we were there; I promise you this is a true story

There’s a Shark lives in an aquarium

in a tank near Plymouth Sound

he looks mean and fierce and hungry

but swims happily round and round

He chases after Turtle

and plays catch with the Mantarays

 Hide and seek is his favourite game

and he whistles as he plays.

The Shark, his name is Enzo,

he moved in a while ago

Transferred from a smaller tank

to give him room to grow

At first he was quite happy

to swim around the rocks

He’d play headball with the Pufferfish,

bless his cotton socks.

But nightfall it would come too soon

and the lights would all go down

and Enzo’d take a funny turn

it made all the keepers frown

They left a camera in one night

to find what was the score

but Enzo swam right up to it

and soon began to snore.

And now they knew the reason why

he was such a fretful shark

Enzo’s not a frightful fish

he’s just afraid of the dark

Good old Enzo

He’s a lean, mean fighting machine

Poor old Enzo

All’s not what it seems

Don’t tell nobody

The secret about our shark

Keep it to yourself

Our Shark’s afraid of the dark!

                   ©O’Hagan  5thAugust’11

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